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Achieving Treatment Optimization in Multiple Sclerosis Care

ACTRIMS has partnered with PRIME to bring you this Podcast.

Listen to the podcast Achieving Health Equity in Multiple Sclerosis: Expert Strategies for Delivering Evidence-Based, Patient-Centered Care, as expert faculty share real-world insights and lessons learned from an MS quality initiative conducted within three MS clinics as well as survey data collected through We Are ILL- a patient advocacy organization for Black women living with MS.

Join us for an expert discussion focused on:

  • Critical differences in clinical presentation and disease course among diverse MS populations
  • Coordinating personalized evidence-based treatment plans
  • Real-world insights and perspectives on health equity from patients and providers
  • Implementing team-based strategies to address racial disparities in MS care

Expiration Date: July 15, 2022

Test your Knowledge of the Latest Clinical Advances in MS Care

ACTRIMS has partnered with PRIME to bring you this 3-part Quiz Series.
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Test your knowledge, confidence, and competence in differentiating between disease-modifying therapies, applying the latest information on safety and efficacy, and integrating the latest clinical advances in care to optimize outcomes for your patients with MS!

Evolving Treatment Paradigms in Multiple Sclerosis: Essential Updates for Neurology Teams

ACTRIMS has partnered with PRIME to bring you this online activity.

Intended Audience: Neurology teams (physicians, PAs, NPs, nurses, and pharmacists) providing care for patients with MS
Advances in therapeutics have delivered a multitude of treatment options for multiple sclerosis (MS), including multiple S1P-based disease-modifying therapies (DMTs). Tune into this webcast to hear as Virginia A Devonshire, MD and her esteemed colleagues share their perspectives on the latest advances in MS treatment.

Highlights include:

  • Key safety and efficacy data on current and emerging MS therapies
  • A deep dive into the S1P modulators - their mechanism of action and differentiating characteristics, as well as emerging clinical evidence
  • Practical strategies to incorporate the latest evidence into clinical practice and make patient-centered treatment decisions

Accompanying this activity are two clinical practice aids that provide evidence-based guidance on necessary laboratory evaluations needed before initiating or switching DMTs, as well as a guide for evaluating treatment response and recognizing when a switch in therapy may be appropriate: Participate in the online activity.

Expiration Date: April 12, 2022

Initiating or Switching Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis: New Evidence and Expert Insights

ACTRIMS has partnered with PRIME to bring you this video activity
The expanding therapy landscape for multiple sclerosis (MS) includes multiple S1P-based disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) along with an abundance of data regarding their efficacy and safety, new requirements for pre-treatment testing and monitoring, and an enhanced need to engage patients in their care.

Tune into this webcast to hear leading MS experts share their perspectives on the latest advances in MS. Highlights include:

  • Key data on current and emerging MS therapies and the integration of this evidence into clinical practice
  • Case-based discussions and PDF tools that map out safe and effective navigation of DMT initiation and switching along with required assessments
  • Practical strategies to engage in shared decision-making and counsel patients on their treatment plans

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Expiration Date: November 30, 2021

The Latest Advances in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Expert Guidance on Managing MS During the COVID-19 Pandemic

ACTRIMS has partnered with PRIME to bring you this video activity. Leading experts examine the latest evidence on current and emerging multiple sclerosis (MS) therapies and discuss practical, patient-centered applications to individualize MS decision-making, including considerations for the COVID-19 era.

Learn more about:

  • Integrating the current evidence and patient-centered factors when initiating, switching, and sequencing therapies
  • Up-to-date recommendations for managing MS during COVID-19
  • Expert strategies for telemedicine and comprehensive patient support in the new MS care environment

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Expiration Date: November 2, 2021