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Nominating Committee
Up to five members, including the Past President as Chair, and no more than two additional board members serve appointed two-year terms with one opportunity for a renewable term.

Chair (Past President) Suhayl Dhib-Jalbut 2016-2018
Member Christopher Bever 2013-2017
Member Tanuja Chitnis 2014-2018
Member Bruce Cree 2015-2017
Member Alexandre Prat 2014-2018

Advisory Committee
Recommended by the Nominating Committee, up to 50 serve three-year, renewable terms.

Member Douglas Arnold 2014-2017
Member Alberto Ascherio 2015-2018
Member Laura Balcer 2015-2018
Member Sergio Baranzini 2015-2018
Member Robert Bermel 2014-2017
Member Christopher Bever 2009-2016
Member Dennis Bourdette 2015-2018
Member James Bowen 2015-2018
Member Tanuja Chitnis 2012-2018
Member Stuart Cook 2015-2018
Member Fiona Costello 2012-2017
Member Bruce Cree 2012-2018
Member Anne Cross 2015-2018
Member Gary Cutter 2015-2018
Member Phillip De Jager 2015-2018
Member John DeLuca 2015-2018
Member Pierre Duquette 2015-2018
Member Robert Fox 2012-2018
Member Myla Goldman 2012-2018
Member Ari Green 2015-2018
Member David Hafler 2015-2018
Member B. Mark Keegan 2014-2017
Member Omar Khan 2014-2017
Member Vijay Kuchroo 2012-2018
Member Ellen Mowry 2012-2018
Member Daniel Pelletier 2014-2017
Member Christopher Power 2014-2017
Member Alexandre Prat 2012-2017
Member Alexander Rae-Grant 2014-2017
Member Daniel Reich 2014-2017
Member Benjamin M. Segal 2015-2018
Member Olaf Stüve 2014-2017
Member Rhonda Voskuhl 2015-2018
Member Howard Weiner 2015-2018
Member Emmanuelle Waubant 2016-2019
Member Scott Zamvil 2014-2017

2017 Program Committee 
Appointed by the President, minimum of seven members up to ten members, including the current President and at least two additional board members, serve two-year terms to plan the program for the annual ACTRIMS meetings.

Chair Benjamin M. Segal Feb 2016 – Feb 2018
Vice-Chair Andrew Goodman Feb 2016 – Feb 2018
Member Jack Antel (President) Feb 2016 – Feb 2019
Member Suhayl Dhib-Jalbut (Past President) Feb 2016 – Feb 2019
Member Jeffrey Cohen (President-Elect) Feb 2016 – Feb 2019
Member Fiona Costello Feb 2016 – Feb 2018
Member Phil De Jager Feb 2016 – Feb 2018
Member Tanuja Chitnis Feb 2016 – Feb 2018

Investment Committee

A minimum of three members up to four members, including the current Secretary/Treasurer serving as its chair, at least one additional board member and select member(s) of the Advisory Committee are appointed by the board of directors to serve according to their term on this sub-committee on finance to make recommendations to the Executive Committee on investments of the ACTRIMS assets.

Chair Mark Freedman, ACTRIMS Secretary/Treasurer 2012-2019
Member Andrew Goodman 2015-2018
Member Robert Bermel, Advisory Committee Member 2014-2017

Grant Applications Task Force

A special task force was formed on February 2016 to work with the ACTRIMS CME provider to provide input in the development and proposal writing of grant applications.

Member Robert Naismith 2016
Member Emmanuelle Waubant 2016